Monday, 16 March 2009

the thing about anorexia is that no one really wants to know - and when you most desperately want some one to tell you: "please stop you're disappearing... I will miss you" they will do almost anything to avoid the subject, accept your lies because the truth is so hideously uncomfortable for most people. people love bitching about anorexics but when we actually turn to them for help - it's like "ah shut up and eat a sandwich"....
sorry so gloomy today. school has started to cheerfully through around the a-word. am not in the least bit worried as my school is only too eager to label me with an eating-disorder and then blithely forget about it. as long as i produce the grades, i could be having sex with the entire staff room, selling drugs in the playground and weigh 80lbs and they would not bat an eyelid.


  1. This is so sad, but so true. My school doesn't care about a thing I do either, as long as I produce the good grades. Stay strong~

  2. I know I'm late commenting but this post just really resonated with me. I remember when I was back in school and yes, my ed was much easier to hide than it is now. Perhaps because, as you say, as long as you're getting your grades and making them look good, they really couldn't give a flying f***.

  3. You are not alone. Stay strong and know you're not the only one :D