Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The enemy of self-control: alcohol. Just before I left for Amsterdam, there was an 'incident' with someone's long-term boyfriend at a party. The Drunk Boyfriend is a really sweet guy and we were chatting about the User, I was so shocked by this sudden interest and empathy, I tried to express my gratitude in the only way I know: sex. He rejected me but the thought was there and now I'm terrified about facing the consequences of my 'indiscretion'. Whenever things go wrong, I run away, I close my eyes and black everything out until the past fades into nothing. Unfortunately, there's a party tomorrow and I can't escape.
I'm the girl everyone loves to hate.
They fuck your boyfriend, the one you've just fallen for.
They pretend they're naturally this thin. They're lying.
I hate girls like me.


  1. Sending you love Daisy <3

  2. Who knows? That party might turn things around. Your not alone. *hugs*

  3. One step a time, Daisy, turn it around..
    Prove them all wrong
    Be the girl you want to be, not the girl you hate x

  4. I just read a bunch of your blog posts & I just want to say that you write so amazingly beautiful I was envious... You have such a way with words. Good luck with your quest... stay strong & thin!