Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Anonymous said..

he probably cheated on you because you love this imaginary ANA more than him. end of..

Thank you.


  1. That's awful. That person should NOT have said that to you. Obviously they don't understand anything about this disease...

    I'm sorry you are going through this. Know that what your boyfriend chose to do is NOT your fault, and you deserve someone who will be faithful to you and know that they really have a beautiful prize. You have so much to go through mentally with all this anorexia crap, you don't need someone to tear you down even more.

    You deserve so much. So many good things. Just remember that. I would love to resort to calling this anonymous all sorts of names, but that would just feed their fire. You are better than this. Do not listen to them. You are wonderful and beautiful. And strong.

    And I'm here to cheer you on today. xoxo.

  2. my boyfriend almost left me,
    so I can understand your thoughts
    & feelings. sorry. xoxo

  3. Hate to burst the bubble of kindness, but yeah... I agree with anonymous. Totally love your writing. Totally love your depth and heart and soul. It's raw and ugly and true. Love to come here and read... So in that same vein... yeah, he cheated on you because you love your sickness more than you loved him. I'm sure he felt it. He needed something more. He sought it out somewhere else. Fat or not, he thought maybe that girl could give him what you could not. You are way too entrapped inside your own feelings to relate to the real world. To me, your disease, anorexia, bulimia, is all about self-absorbtion. Someone like you could never love someone else.

  4. it's true no?

  5. "Someone like you could never love someone else"
    It's just that someone like you can't see that you are worthy of being loved, by others and by yourself.
    You deserve love, and you deserve to know that you are capable of giving love too,
    HJ x

  6. sweetheart. ignore these comments. they are just opinions which are uneeded at this time, in this situation.
    I also came here to tell you I have given you the sunshine award, see my blog for more details, and, I hope you're okay.

  7. That's really not true!
    Obviously he has no clue about this disease and just thinks it's something that we decide to have.But listen,a guy like that really doesn't deserve you!You need someone that loves you ...how you are and no matter what!
    I recently broke up with my boyfriend because of Ana,and I can understand what you're going through,but never forget to stay strong!
    ps: follow me?

  8. What an ignorant thing to say.

    Most of the time people cheat because THEY have issues, not because the person they're dating does.

    Stupid Anon can't ever properly form a sentence...who's going to listen to their opinions?

  9. confession... i wrote the second anon comment. i didn't write the first one tho. sorry daisy babe. that comment wasn't here when i wrote 'it's true no?' so i wasn't agreeing with that at all.....

    i only said it because well you said what you said in your post. so i was just saying: is it true? because i think it kind of is. look. the guys a dick. he's a cheater. cut him off. but you havae to admit... you were using him. using him to further your anorexia. it's as simple as that.

    using him for sex. pain. pleasure.

    you didn't love him. you love that fucked up skinny girl.

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you'd been cheated on.
    He'll be so sorry when he sees how beautifully thin you are :)
    and about what anonymous said? She's just ignorant. What's funny is that all the anti-ana comments are always from "anonymous" because they don't have enough balls to give an identity to their bitchy comments.
    You can kind of take it as a compliment though. You love ana so much do you? If you love her so much you will be thin.
    Isn't that what we all live for?
    I'm starting to think it may be a lie though.
    Too bad I don't seem to care.

    Love your blog. :) Stay strong. Screw that guy. You deserve better.

    xoxo- Vanilla FInnegan

  11. Bitchy anonymous comments...

    Love you Daisy! Keep writing :)

    Holly x x x