Tuesday, 26 May 2009

"Eat it." Their eyes watch me, covertly, waiting for me to react.
"Ah, thanks." Sweet, sticky, crumbling on my tongue.
Daisy just ate a cupcake. She can't be anorexic.
Fucking morons.


  1. It was a necessary sacrifice. One moment of pure calorific torture versus years of constant scrutiny over what you eat, countless interventions, and unnecessary drama. It was a moment the has past. Just concentrate now on burning of those calories. =)

  2. It calmed their worries, at least. You know people just don't know much and that's an advantage on our part. Hiding and deceiving for it is easier. Eh, that's kind of low, the way I put it but point is acrosss.

  3. By the way I like your writing style!

  4. i just stumbled in, desperately searching for a way to understand my sister. ah, ok, that's what she thinks about me, when I'm worried. i'm not more than a f***ing moron to her. And the only thing she cares about is hiding from me. i don't get the point. i'm the moron, if i care, and i'm the moron if i don't care. i'm the moron if i try to understand, 'cause i never will, and i'm the moron if i don't even try to understand. well, thanks, i think you helped me to understand better. i wish i wouldn't.

    some anonymous moron

  5. *sigh* Don't you fucking hate stupid people?!

  6. thx smudge - not that i really expected a serious efford just for one second not to revolve around the ED but allow perhaps painfull thoughts... but just go on ignoring the world around you and your power to hurt. if calling desperate people stupid helps, just go on with it. if you have an ED you justifiably act like that, you are the one who has been hurt... *sigh* this is the ignorant position _I_ hate...

    the now on top stupid anonymous moron, with a sister in hospital for over three months now