Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day Two of post-exam fasting. Already obsessing over food... until I found this to remind me just how much i hate myself for bingeing and how much everyone else hates you for it. I'd forgotten how much i love fasting - that feeling of perfect emptiness, the euphoric high of walking past the fridge and resisting. Feeling so strong right now - found out the User fucked some girl two days after me... was feeling naive, dirty and used until the hollow high hit. Fuck him. I cant control my life but i can control my body. food is a choice. and we can all say no.


  1. Thanks for that link. It's a good reminder that we are all here because we don't want to look like nasty fat slobs.


  2. I used to feel so dizzy all the time when I was fasting. Ironically, it helps me to get through the day. And yes, the sense of achievement from resisting food. Good luck daisy.

  3. At my highest weight I don't even think that I ate that much. I want to faaaaast. I hate being home. I can't fast. I can't do anything.