Monday, 15 June 2009

Five days until exams are over and I can start living again.
Three weeks before I go to Europe for two weeks with my best friends.
A month until I turn 18.
Three months to reach perfection.
And I can't wait.... lots and lots of uninihibited crazy sex with the User. Who cares if i hate myself for this, for every gram of fat that dissolves, surely that gram cancels all the self-loathing and disgust? All my posts have been very depressing recently, but really I am so, so happy. This euphoric emptiness combined with being in love... love the ultimate appetite suppressant. I used to dream about gorging on cake and painting my body in icing but now she's all I think about. I've always loved her and now she feels something and even if it's only curioristy, I'm in hopeful love and I've never felt anything close to hopeful love before.

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  1. Man, I haven't been to Europe in a year. Really missing those vaycays, but alas that is the sacrifice of higher education. Have fun on your trip and good luck with your goals. =)