Monday, 8 June 2009

On the dark, dew drenched lawn, The Beautiful One's fingernails scratch my skin. She laughs, "I'm not lesbian." Sure, just don't stop kissing me. Your fingers entwined in my hair, your hip bones grinding against mine, I run my hands across the ridges of your spine. This is perfection. You are perfect.
"I'm just drunk."
So am I.
"Promise me, you won't tell anyone?"
I love you.


  1. Be careful Daisy.
    She could break your heart. Don't let her.

  2. This is exactly what happenned with me and my best friend, and what is still happenning, and its wonderful. We still only have the guts when we're drunk though lol!

    Take care, none the less!

  3. Honey, you break my heart. I see myself projected. I've been in this situation. It breaks my heart. Poor thing. I'm going through it right now. :(

  4. It's like someone ripping your heart out of your chest, isn't it? The most wonderful feeling in the world but then, back to normal the next day. I hope she hasn't / doesn't break your heart.