Wednesday, 14 July 2010

He dumped me. The day before my birthday. The end?


  1. No, don't let this be the end. You are so much stronger then all of this. You can get through it. I believe in you.

  2. Babe... Feel free to e-mail me with the details, if you even want to talk about them. I've been there. I've totally been there...

  3. Where does the little fucking weasel live? Gimmie his address. I swear to god, he's going to get a visit from me with a baseball bat in hand.
    Who is crazy enough to dump you?
    I'm sorry. <3 That's not cool. At all. Wish I could do something.

  4. I know that I've never commented on your blog before, but I do read, and I just wanted to say that for a guy to dump you the day before you birthday is a DICK.
    I know it's cliche, and worthless, but honestly, if a guy is going to be that thoughtless and selfish and cruel and just simply mean, then really, do you want him in your life to keep hurting you and keep treating you like that?
    Trust me, once a guy does something like that, they will constantly be a complete shit. And it'll be better for you, in the long run, to find someone better, and you WILL, I'm talking from personal experience, better guys DO eventually come along, and it hurts and it's shit, but so is he, and it's all part of life baby.
    So, take the high road, don't let him hurt you anymore. Have 24 hours of being sad, then don't take anymore fucking shit from this guy bub. Get up, put make up on, dress up, look beautiful, act superior and confident, enjoy your birthday, and prove to him and yourself that there are SO many more people more deserving of your love than him, and instead of being down and giving out unrequited love, channel it into something else.
    I hope this really long post isn't too weird or creepy, but it made me all emotional and kind of epiphony-ish... :)

  5. no, it is not the end. not of you. everything passes in time. i hope you're not leaving us. love, io

  6. whatthefuck?
    such a cunt,
    not the end, just a new beginning without that dickhead in your life.
    make sure you put on a smile and let him know he didnt ruin your birthday.
    just go have fun and forget about him, anyone that heartless is definitely not worth tears.
    chin up babe.

  7. Cunt.

    No. The beginning. You are better without him. Show him what he's missing. And I don't mean by getting thin. I mean by being wonderful and you at your best.

  8. Not the end! Success is the best revenge..

  9. thats awful. I am so sorry to hear that. Its not the end. You will find someone else.


  10. It isn't the end, this is just the start of you without a boy who isn't worth thinking about. If a boy can break your heart, he isn't worth you. You'll find someone else<3. You're worth more then this pain he is causing.